A Safe Space

Be Constructive, Not Destructive

In which, the first thing I say is issue a warning to anyone looking to bash others.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

If you’ve looked around lately, you’ll notice that the world continues to be a scary place. A place where people don’t feel safe and secure, where paranoia is survival. If this is how you live your life, there is no shame in it.

However, this is where that way of life and this website differ. I strongly support constructive criticism and the building up of my fellow humans. Tearing someone down, even for a brief moment of relief, remains a constant way in which to perpetuate a painful cycle.

So if you have nothing good to say, nothing helpful, or supportive, don’t say it. Just like I choose to write, you choose to read. Do not like? Then do not read. In return, I will try to be as objective with my opinion as possible. I am only human, I feel things too.



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