About Me.

Why do I choose to write publically?

  • The power of writing can, if done right, improve the lives of others. It can lift the spirits of those that are down and open the mind of those looking to breathe. I hope this place, if even for 1 person, offers something new and positive to experience.

What I’ll be writing about?

  • Nearly anything, through the scope of nerdy excitement for life. Movies, Music, Books, Fashion, Shopping, Travel, Scientific Phenomenon. A modern nerd knows no bounds, especially because-well internet right? Not much for controversy, my finger stays off the hot button. I launch no missiles.

Who I’d love comments from?

  • Friends! Family! The 6 degrees of human separation it takes to know other people =). People supporting other people.

What do I hope to achieve?

  • Inner Peace… through releasing my thoughts into The Force-I mean the Internet.

What shade of Gray am I?

  • It doesn’t matter what shade on the color wheel I am, we’re all human. Unless you’re evil and commit acts of evil. Then you belong with Voldemort.

Things that I like doing!

  • Snowboarding, Reading, Collecting, Traveling, Eating (so much Eating), Conventions, Shopping.

See you soon!



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