The Toxicity of ‘Boys Will be Boys’

It’s a phrase uttered throughout movies, TV, and music. It’s not just pop culture, it’s pervasive throughout all of modern culture across multiple generations and continents for nearly the last half-millenia. The turn of phrase used to excuse the actions of boys from childhood all way through to the elderly. An excuse uttered to coverContinue reading “The Toxicity of ‘Boys Will be Boys’”

The Impact of CoVid on Retail- Some Future Salt in the Wound

Prior to the Pandemic that will change all of our lives, retailers had been getting by. They weren’t doing great by any means but they were okay. Sales and indeed, the economy itself, had been on a decline since the mid-2010s. Physical retailers were just not doing as well and many had been switching toContinue reading “The Impact of CoVid on Retail- Some Future Salt in the Wound”

The Rise of Ahsoka, What the Rey Trilogy Should Have Been

It’s an understatement to say that the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars Episode 7-9 has divided the Star Wars fandom. In part, this is because the directors have largely ignored each other and eschewed any real form of character development. Biases aside, Star Wars has shown that it does better as a longer form TVContinue reading “The Rise of Ahsoka, What the Rey Trilogy Should Have Been”

The Baker and The Beauty: Episode 1 review

At a time when the world could use a little distraction, ABC sends us the perfect sizzling romantic drama TV series premiere. Based on the similarly Israeli named series from creator Assi Azar, the series has been adapted to follow Daniel Garcia, baker’s son and Noa Hamilton, mega celebrity. Spoilers ahead, this is your warming.Continue reading “The Baker and The Beauty: Episode 1 review”

Stigma and Racism in the time of CoVid-19- The Expected Reaction

Leaving aside the disaster that is the handling of this virus in America or indeed the world over, the rising tide of xenophobia against East Asian people during this crisis against all of humanity is sadly expected. Built from fear, stemming from history and covered in a glaze of political one-upmanship, racism is a toolContinue reading “Stigma and Racism in the time of CoVid-19- The Expected Reaction”

Adults Moving Back Home in 2020

Popular culture is full of stigmas about grown adults who have to move back home. It’s in movies and books all over the world, talking about how some adults move back home with mom and dad. Whether you’re home because of coronavirus, money, or any number of reasons, those are your reasons and no justificationContinue reading “Adults Moving Back Home in 2020”

Jaded Firsts- Romantically

There’s something about getting older that can make someone jaded. Spiritually, ethically, or especially romantically. For our first part of the Jaded series, we’re talking about romance and how even as you get older, having first experiences together can still be amazing and fabulous. Firsts can and will test a new relationship and often tellContinue reading “Jaded Firsts- Romantically”

In Defense of Obi-Wan Kenobi- A TV Show

A Soon to be Old Ben Story- Spoilers Ahead. Say what you will about the current Trilogy of Star Wars movies. Love’em or hate’em, the opinion on those movies has divided an entire generation of new film goers and fans. So it is with some hope that we see the development of an Obi-Wan TVContinue reading “In Defense of Obi-Wan Kenobi- A TV Show”