My Must Haves For This Thing Called Life.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I am thinking about the things that I need to keep and the things I need to throw out. Beyond the standard things like a favorite pair of shoes or a warm hat, here are the things I’ve decided I must have at all times inContinue reading “My Must Haves For This Thing Called Life.”

A Terrible Fall of Angels By Laurell K. Hamilton

Like the Perfect Pizza, it depends on what you like. Give it some time. As this is her first male lead, I didn’t know what to expect from Zaniel Havelock except a male version of her other (female) lead characters. What I got was a book that was really human, showcasing trauma, mental health awareness,Continue reading “A Terrible Fall of Angels By Laurell K. Hamilton”

10 Things to Miss about Japan

How one country can make you really miss it so much. Being treated well when you travel shouldn’t be taken for granted and this is especially true if you’re going to a country where English isn’t their native language. Japan though, is a welcoming place to tourists. Most if not all shops are unfailingly politeContinue reading “10 Things to Miss about Japan”

Why Brands Matter

In particular, why do brands matter the most when it comes to Watches. There is a circle of thought that says the brands you buy and wear shouldn’t matter. The idea is that quality by any other name would be just as fine, so long as you liked it. To a certain extent, this isContinue reading “Why Brands Matter”

The Perfect One Watch Collection? We’ve got a Rolex Explorer for you.

Why the Rolex Explorer II 16570 Polar might just be perfect One Watch that does rule them all. We’ve previously discussed why having a One Watch Collection might be a reality that very few watch collectors ever achieve. It’s the idea that even if you have only one Watch at any given time, which watchContinue reading “The Perfect One Watch Collection? We’ve got a Rolex Explorer for you.”

5 Accessories to Elevate Your Watch Game

How to choose a few things to make watch collecting even more enjoyable. Collecting watches is a hobby or passion for most that involves having several Watches that you rotate throughout the week. The Watch debate for which movement, brand, complication or design is best continues to be a hotly debated topic that will beContinue reading “5 Accessories to Elevate Your Watch Game”

Formula 1 in 2021, a once in a lifetime race.

Why F1 2021 Grid hasn’t been this hot since 2010. For the first time in over a decade, we have a Schumacher back on the grid. The legacy continues with young Mick, son of World Champion Michael Schumacher. What can we expect from him? He may take a while to warm up so we shouldn’tContinue reading “Formula 1 in 2021, a once in a lifetime race.”

Smart Tips for Building a Watch Collection

Don’t get bitten by the watch collectors biggest pitfalls. Don’t over pay. This first one is hard to quantify. Overpaying is subjective to each of us but the most important thing is that you not regret spending your money. Whether the math doesn’t work out for you, or your research isn’t up to par, youContinue reading “Smart Tips for Building a Watch Collection”

The Allure of the One Watch Collection

One Watch to Rule your Heart, Forever. Imagine the scenario where you find yourself marooned on a island alone. You’ve got a small list of things with you, one of which is your watch. You can choose one that can track the moon, or one to drive down into the depths of the ocean, orContinue reading “The Allure of the One Watch Collection”

The 5 styles of Watch Every Modern Man Should Have

The world today can tell you the time a dozen different ways in the blink of an eye. Sweep your eye across any room and everything from a wall clock to a Amazon Alexa or her rival Siri will tell you the time. Wearing a watch is therefore a choice, one in which many peopleContinue reading “The 5 styles of Watch Every Modern Man Should Have”