My Must Haves For This Thing Called Life.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I am thinking about the things that I need to keep and the things I need to throw out. Beyond the standard things like a favorite pair of shoes or a warm hat, here are the things I’ve decided I must have at all times in life.

My Watch. Not a surprise given the amount of Watch related content this site has been putting out recently. I would need 1 watch, my Rolex Oyster Perpetual, to take me through life and to keep me on track. It’s made to be tough but elegant to the point that it would fit under a board room shirt cuff or hiking the highest mountain. It took me ages to save up for this watch (even before the price hikes) and it is proof that I can save money. I’m not going anywhere without it since I’ve taken it everywhere and it’s survived everything from drops to flood damage.

My leather jacket. Simultaneously classic and daring, the Allsaints Prospect leather jacket will go anywhere and do anything. Deep soft black leather, suede inner collar, shearling collar for the wind, this jacket is a comfort to be had on a cold night and brings back great memories. It stands up to nights out on the town or days visiting the relatives for lunch.

My Guitar. The Chapman ML2- Pro Modern in a Satin Fireburst. The satin finish is delicate and smooth as silk in the hands. The materials are of a high quality and even if I ding it, it keeps on going since it’s a through neck construction. This is the first guitar I reach for and while it’s not the rarest, it’s one of the most comfortable I own. I’ll get better at playing … eventually.

My Jade. One of the last gifts from my grandfather, in the shape of my zodiac animal, it is one of my important treasures. When I hold it, I think of him always, missing him and my grandmother dearly. It is a piece of them that I carry and it will remain with me always. It, unlike grandpa’s knife, would make it through airport security. The jade is statistically a better option.

My headphones. The Shure Se535 were bought from a trip in Japan along with some Luck Charms. Second hand but in pristine condition, I spent an hour sitting in a chair in a shop in Nakano Broadway testing them with various music. Whatever mobile device I have, I’ll always want to listen to music and so I must have an earphone with great sound stage, sparkling highs, emotional mid vocals, and punchy but clear bass. It’ll even do a half decent job at airplane noise isolation.

Google. If I am ever without Google, I would be totally screwed as I am so hooked into google that I would never make it out of any country alive without it. Google maps is one of my most trusted sources and google voice allows me to call or text anyone in the world. Every piece of writing I’ve ever done is saved there. Photos that document my history. Calendar that keeps track of my life.

Safe Travels on this thing we call the road of life. Whatever it is that you carry, may it bring you continued comfort and sanity. Part utility, part security blanket, and not always easy to transport in some cases, these are the things that we must have to go through life or else life just isn’t quite what it should or would be without.



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