In Defense of Obi-Wan Kenobi- A TV Show

A Soon to be Old Ben Story- Spoilers Ahead.

Say what you will about the current Trilogy of Star Wars movies. Love’em or hate’em, the opinion on those movies has divided an entire generation of new film goers and fans. So it is with some hope that we see the development of an Obi-Wan TV show. Much like recent Animated series and Mandalorian successes, the TV format seems to suite the Star Wars universe much more.

To that end, we turn out eyes to the Obi-Wan TV series that is coming up. We give it much hope, much hype and perhaps too much pressure. It’s plain to see that writers are feeling the pressure to make the series a success after the recent releases of the films. Now, that is not to say that the new films were flops, not at all. They made a ton of money in theaters but did they make fans happy? No, not quite.

In contrast, the overwhelming success of The Mandalorian and the love shown to the Clone Wars and Rebels series illustrates to fans that with more time to really make the Star Wars universe shine, fans should expect to see the creation of some of the most memorable moments in Star Wars History. We may see Darth Vader, we may see exotic worlds or new creatures.

Throughout the animated series, and much of the original and prequel trilogies, we see Obi-Wan Kenobi in his element. The eloquent sarcasm a perfect example of the verbal sparring befitting the Form III defensive master, able to parry an insult at a moments notice. While his relationship with Anakin Skywalker was far from perfect and indeed there is much to be desired from it, we also see the love they feel for each other. They were truly family, as both were taught by Qui-Gon, no matter how briefly for the younger Jedi.

For fans the hope is that we see, with live actors this time, what becomes of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the interim years between Episode III and Episode IV. Many will no doubt like to see how he mourns his losses-perhaps exhibiting those rarely seen emotions. We have seen him angry, betrayed, exasperated, desperate, and struggling. The Animated series has helped us see him show pride, amusement, determination in equal measures as well. Perhaps we will even see, in this time period, the Obi-Wan who protects Luke from the echoing shadows. Always, we’ve seen in-his-prime Obi-Wan or sand ravaged Old-Ben.

We, the furious fans, want to see the in-between. How one of Star Wars greatest heroes battles the elements of Tatooine -living or otherwise, to become tired Old-Ben. Luke would only know him as Ben Kenobi, while others still would forget him entirely with the wave of a hand. Already talented with animals, the Jedi Master might even show us more of how he masters his environment, just like every other circumstance he encounters.

So, much like Obi-Wan the character, we hope Kenobi the TV show will quietly master the troubles coming its way. From writing issues, to production problems and fan pressure, the best parts of the Star Wars Universe should rise to the top and signify to fans that the TV show is yet another excellent addition to the franchise. To say that Obi-Wan Kenobi is the perfect Jedi or the perfect character would be a gross exaggeration of what it means to be human and so we’ll see him make mistakes, just like we all do. We’ve seen him make mistakes and show his human side before; this is what will draw the fans to the series.

Perfect Jedi are a myth, just like perfect shows are a myth. Give a show enough space to explore though and maybe we’ll get close to a perfect show. A riveting space opera. Not exactly perfect because perfect would be boring and expected but instead show us the trials; show us the errors and make us cheer for them. That is how the show will make it’s mark. With a dash of sarcasm, a flash of superior wit, and the occasional dance of a lightsaber, this fan hopes that Kenobi will be a smashing success and you should too.



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